About CONL

Mission – Vision – Values

Mission: Innovate by engaging nursing leaders in life-long learning, mentorship of current and future leaders, public and policy advocacy and strategic partnerships.

Vision: We are professional nurse leaders who shape and drive healthcare in the state of Colorado.

Values: We value creativity, diversity, excellence, integrity, leadership, and stewardship.


The purpose of the organization shall be to advance the development of effective nursing leadership in health care organizations by the following:

  • Engage members in the active work of the organization, incorporating the art and science of nursing leadership.
  • Innovate through leading and promoting evidence based nursing leadership models, change theory, and active management strategies.
  • Provide a medium for the exchange of ideas and disseminations of information and matters relative to nursing leadership.
  • Act as the voice of nursing leadership in the State of Colorado to address issues on nursing and health care.
  • Shape legislative and public policy pertaining to nursing and healthcare issues.
  • Foster collaboration through advocacy, professional development and networking.