CHA and CDPHE Provide Briefing for Member Hospitals on COVID-19 Response

Yesterday, CHA and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) provided a briefing call for member hospitals and health systems on COVID-19 in Colorado, covering current testing and screening plans, PPE availability, communication and more. Slides from the call are now available here, and CHA has shared the questions raised by members during the call with CDPHE so the agency can respond. The Association will share that Q&A as soon as it has responses from the state.

This morning, CDPHE confirmed that the state resources cache has been activated. Hospitals and health systems must use EMResource to request resources (e.g., beds, masks, vents, etc.). Regardless of the cache being activated, however, CDPHE noted that hospitals should be submitting requests for what they need, and the state will fill from wherever it can, as long as available resources in the county/region have been exhausted. To update a login or request more information on EMResource, contact Koral O’Brien at