CONL offers Educational Opportunities

CONL is proud to host ongoing education for members and their colleagues. Quarterly education sessions are planned.  The next Education Session will be June 9th.  PLEASE HOLD THE DATE.  We are still confirming the time and specific location for the  Educational Session.  The current working topic is “Benchmarking Nurse Manager Performance Outcomes Using Customized Profiles” and we are working with Carolyn Sanders and Mary Krugman, University of Colorado Hospital as possible presenters.  Once finalized we will send a notice out to members with the time, location, topic, and presenters.  So for now hold the date of June 9th.   Thanks for Pat Givins for coordinating these quarterly sessions.

The annual conference which will be held this year in Vail on September 8-9.  Click here for more information.  These educational sessions are designed to meet the needs of our members.  In addition to great learning, you will have opportunities for dialogue with your colleagues.